How is made my product ? | Quality Made in Germany.


Production "Made in Germany" at the new manufacturing in Melsungen Germany.
WESPA has started with production of handhacksaw and powerhacksaws in Germany 1950 and later with Bandsaw Blades.
From 1950 to 2005 in Spangenberg and then at the new production in Melsungen-Adelshausen not far away.
The production of WESPA "lean manufacturing" and "kaizen" (Japanese Kai = change, change, Zen = for the better 改善 "change for the better") oriented.
Modern and highly efficient production processes guarantee the highest quality.


The customer is our focus with all different requirements. WESPA manufactures to ISO 500001 and ISO 9001: 2015. (see certifications)


From handcraft business to technology partner. 1950 -2020  |  70 years WESPA metal saw factory.


Extension of production areas.


In order to meet the changing market requirements  and to modernize the working and production conditions, more than 1.5 million euros from own funds

were invested in the production of the WESPA Metal Saw Company. For this purpose, the production area has been extended by 3000m², so that the most

modern bandsaw blades can produced on 6600m² . At the same time, the existing production in the old building was redesigned so that the production

processes are optimized and more efficient. In particular, energy management was placed in the new installation of facilities and infrastructure great value.

This was confirmed by the introduction of the energy management ISO 5001.