WESPA Assistent International | APP Version 7.8

Cutting Data and Support APP for International Markets
Release Mai 19 | Version 7.8.1|  W10, iOS, Android

 International Markets  APAC; EMEA, AMERICAS


SOLID, TUBE, BEAM Cutting Data

for Bandsaw Blades Bi_Metal, Carbide Bandsaw Blades

IPC-S Calculator

IPC-C Calculator

IPC-A Calculator


International Material Grades

Tooth pitch recomandation 

Bandsaw Check advise

Material Database Version 7.6

Updates: Subject to change without prior notice

Please contact the International Customer Service Center for Access to the APP



The data and values its recommendations. These can be different based on operation conditions, machine types and other influences. The data are without guarantee and only recommendations. Please pay attention to safety regulations for handling bandsaw blades. Always wear safety glasses and gloves. The information presented can be altered without any notification. No guarantee or warranty.

Passing on the cutting data only with permission


Direct Line for AMERICAS  978-424-0518 | APAC, EMEA : +49 5661-9263-0

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